Senitta Pads - Dioxin Free And Odour Free Pads | 240mm

Sanitary Napkins (240 mm size)

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Size - 240mm

The levels of the Senitta Sanitary Napkin-
.Prevents leakage from side walls
.Keeps surface dry and prevents moisture
.Helps in dispersion of fluid, Anti-Inflammatory and odour free in nature
.Provides softness and penetration
.Absorbs fluid and keeps surface dry
.It upholds the collected fluid and prevents leakage or spillage
.Keeps the top layer breathable and fresh

Dioxin-free sanitary napkins that are safe for usage and eradicate the hazards of using unsafe menstrual products. The highly absorbent sanitary napkins are affordably priced and come with complete 8-hour protection.

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