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Use chemical free to stay stress free

Being the most commonly used feminine hygiene product, your regular sanitary pads come with different promises. A promise to provide you with great comfort at affordable prices. But these promises often involve the usage of several kinds of chemicals that are not only bad for your skin but can also cause serious, irrevocable health issues. Some pads also contain odour neutralizers and artificial fragrances which are again harmful for you. Cotton is not ultra-white, naturally. As most girls want something purely white to make them feel fresh and clean, sanitary pad firms use a chemical called dioxin to blanch the cotton. Based on research, a short-term exposure to dioxin can cause skin darkening and altered liver function. The cheap prices aren’t attractive after all when you have to pay the doctor bills!

Not only this, the plastic used in these pads takes ages to decompose and hence they are harmful for the environment as well.

The point is, Senitta cares for your health and hence we are going to list down the reasons why you need to ditch your regular synthetic pads:

  • Cancer: The word in itself should be caution enough. The risk of cancer increases as you continue to use these pads over the years. It can cause uterine cancer in addition to interfering with the reproductive system.
  • Skin problems: The discomfort of uncontrollable itching in the private areas is caused usually due to the reaction of the material used in sanitary pads with the skin. This maybe the symptom for contact dermatitis. The pads are also known to cause irritations and allergies.
  • Infertility or birth defects: The usage of various chemicals like dioxin and artificial fragrances can interfere with the embryonic development. This affects your fertility and can also cause unwanted alterations in the embryo.
  • Toxic shock Syndrome: Extended use of sanitary pads means an overgrowth, in your vagina, of staphylococcus aureus.It is often referred to as the toxic shock syndrome. Dizziness, nausea and vomiting are some of the symptoms of toxic shock syndrome.In reality the bacterial toxins released can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure because the brain does not get enough oxygen.

Chemicals applied to skin is worse than intaking them because you body produces enzymes which can expel the chemicals in your body. But when in contact with your body, they get absorbed into your bloodstream and impact your organs. They are then likely to accumulate and keep on causing trouble like slow poison.

Now that we have your attention about the likely problems that you can face, it is our responsibility to provide you with a solution as well! The pro-tips we have for you here are to switch to biodegradable chemical-free sanitary pads as they are not only good for the environment, but also for your health. Also, change the pads every 8-hours or so, depending upon your flows. Senitta recommends that in case you notice any sign of discomfort and consult with your gynaecologist and do not take things lightly. After all, it is your health and no one but you can be responsible enough to speak up when you need help! Senitta is here to support you by providing you with dioxin-free, plastic-free solution to your menstrual health related problems. It is also anti-bacterial which makes you feel fresh! Your choices can impact your health drastically, so make Senitta your number one choice and say goodbye to the synthetic pads.