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Travel stress free while on your period

Whenever you plan your travels, your period is usually not the first thing on your mind. But as the excitement builds up and you feel like you can never be as happy as you feel right now. You check your calendar and there it is. Your date. No, not with the handsome guy you have a crush on, but the arrival of your menstrual cycle. You can hear warning bells inside your head. You are reminded of the stories told by your friends about the time the periods actually kind of ruined their exotic trips. Or you might have a horrifying experience of your own. You cringe at the thought of it and with eyebrows furrowed together you wonder what to do next!

It often becomes a huge hindrance when you think about travelling when on your periods. You have too many questions but very few answers, and ultimately you might want to cancel the plans completely. Maybe next time, right? But we are here with some tips that you can follow to have that fun and exciting experience of travelling that you would have on your regular days. We recommend you don’t let your periods get you down.

Here are some pro-tips that you can follow:

  • Always carry your feminine hygiene products: This becomes more important if you have irregular periods and they have a habit of surprising you any time they want. Senitta comes with travel friendly packaging in different sizes. But otherwise also, carrying them gives you a peace of mind. That way, you are ready for any kinds of surprises that periods throw your way. This is a must if you are out on some hiking or trekking or just travelling to an exotic place where language is not known to you or you cannot find the product of your liking.
  • For the cranky cramps: If you experience the “worst cramps ever” frequently, it is highly recommended that you carry your doctor recommended medicine and dark chocolates. You can always make more room for the heating pads and any other products that usually help with the cramps. Be sure to drink lots of water and eat healthy food. Try peppermint tea, ginger tea or green tea to help with the pain. Take a walk!
  • Dress in style but feel comfortable: Want to plan a perfect trip with perfect outfits? Fashion Bloggers always come to your rescue when it comes to dress comfortably but look stylish. Carry smart and loose clothing that lets you breathe and does not add your painful cramps.
  • Plan ahead: It is better to know the advent of your periods in advance. Use Senitta Period tracker to track your periods and come up with a better planning mechanism; the one that involves the five bleeding days and how to survive them. Like you can avoid swimming and water rides and plan a stroll in the botanical garden instead. You can skip the wine tasting and go antique shopping instead. If your doctor can recommend you harmless pills to delay the periods, that is another option to go for.

These steps seem simple enough but they require a little bit of planning from your side. This involves the kind of feminine hygiene product to go for. Senitta comes to your rescue with a dioxin-free, naturally absorbent, anti-bacterial, leakage free choice because we believe in a healthier you. Senitta is your trustworthy companion on your best trips ever! We wish for you to have a safe period and a happy journey!