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Spreading awareness and refusing to whisper

Time and again we have tried to think of ways to spread information about the menstrual health. Government has done its due diligence and now it is our turn to come together and educate. Senitta takes pride in its effort to bust the myths and talk about feminine hygiene by being bold. Using social media as a tool has been a successful step as we feel that India is ready to talk because there is nothing to whisper about it. Menstruation is a unique phenomenon that every woman goes through.

However, there are several myths and taboos associated with it, making it sound like it is a bad thing. To address these issues have been challenging to say the least but we as a society need to come together and be open. How many more deaths due to one menstruation related tradition or another will it take for us to understand that educating and spreading awareness is of the utmost importance?

Culturally, in many parts of the country menstruation is still considered as filthy and impure. In some religions, women are prohibited from participating in normal life while menstruating. Since it is a normal biological phenomenon where there is bleeding from the endometrial vessels to prepare for the next cycle, there is no reason to label it as impure!

Some menstruation related myths:

  • Women on their periods will contaminate food.
  • Showering can cause infertility.
  • Girls cannot participate in class or daily chores.
  • Women cannot enter temples.
  • Pads should be kept unseen from everyone.

The whole idea of busting the myths need to start at the physicists or the gynaecologists. They must be aware of the myths prevailing the area and educate people in order bust those myths altogether. Raising the awareness among the adolescent girls related to menstrual health and hygiene because they usually grow up with limited knowledge and turn into an unaware adult. Health education campaigns are another way of helping people understand and doing what is best for their families. Both boys and girls need to be educated about the changes in their body and how to deal with them.

Senitta has been doing a lot in terms of spreading awareness. From visiting colleges to listening to your menstrual health related problems and running successful social media pages because we care about your well-being and you should be bold forever because you are beautiful. We provide you with a dioxin-free, anti-bacterial, plastic-free sanitary pads in addition to the pro-tips that go along with your healthy lifestyle. Help Senitta bust the myths and transcend all boundaries! Let us come together and work for a healthier, happier, and sustainable future.