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Period Calendar

Your periods are coming!

It is often the most difficult part in a woman’s life to keep track of her periods. Especially the young, busy achievers of today. If you have regular periods, it is easier to use a period tracker to keep up with your five days and not forget to add sanitary pads to your shopping list. Did you know that calculating period can also be helpful if you are trying to conceive? Your menstrual cycle awareness is one of the most important steps in pregnancy because it shows you when you're the most fertile in a month.

Here are a few tips you can keep in mind that can help you understand your periods better:

  • The first day of your cycle is when you actually start bleeding. So basically, spotting is Day 0. When visiting your gynaecologist, the first question often asked is, “When was your last period?” Hence, your answer should be the Day 1 of your bleeding and the day when spotting occurred.
  • To know how long your cycle is, start with day 1 and start counting (day 1,2,3,4 and so on) your last menstrual cycle. The last day of the process before you started to bleed again is the length of your period. For example, if the period length is 28 days, it means the average time span is every 28 days. Bear in mind, however, that the duration of your period can vary.
  • Between the length of your period, there are many phases: Follicular phase, ovulation and luteal phase. The Day 1 marks the beginning of the follicular phase, which lasts for 15 days. The ovulation phase is the most important phase for conceiving, the exact day of which depends upon the length of your period. The last phase is when you get your period if the egg is not fertilized.
  • A period tracker can help you predict your next date by asking simple questions about the period length, period duration and date of your last period. This way you can always plan your days better, whether it is a trip or the right time to conceive.

With Senitta’s period tracker, you can live your life care free and order the sanitary pads with convenience. Stay aware and stay healthy. Don’t be afraid to plan your days with Senitta and transcend all boundaries. Andit is always better to stay one step ahead!