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Is Fashion Risking your Daily Life?

Fashion! When it comes to fashion, women love to flaunt about the latest trends, but some trends can be as harmful for their health in the long run. These days, with the upcoming globalisation, people have started acknowledging more about fashion and taking others at least concern.The one thing that the majority of the women want on priority is to look as attractive as much they can. In this race of getting herself shaped,most women, get into the trouble of facing many health issues.

It is proven that the major back-pain problems for women come from accessories and the clothing they wear. The ongoing fashion trends are elevating the chances of many serious health related troubles that can affect them lifelong. Some may include-


  • Footwear can cause ugly side effects to the body. Like, wearing high heels gives a “wow” factor with the outfit, but with these styles comes a lot of suffering. The higher the heels the greater is the risk of the chronic pain and muscle spasms, toes forced into the narrow shoes can cause serious nerve damage and a lifetime suffer
  • If worn too long, even the compression garments can cause sufferings. Wearing compression garments that mould our body to give a perfect shape for body hugging dress or skinny jeans can cause pain, numbness and tingling. Even, the doctors advise not to wear extra tight garments as it can lead to real health risks.
  • Tattoos that are done by pushing the ink into the dermis, breaks the protective barrier of the skin, henceforth opening the gates for bacteria and viruses. The unhygienic tattoo ink, instrument or surrounding can lead to transfer of viruses like hepatitis C and HIV.
  • Most girls and women are in a desire to have a tiny waist and a curvy figure. In order to achieve this, different types of fitness instruments are being used, one of them is the waist trainer. Wearing a waist trainer to attain a slimmer figure for your body causes a lot of effects; it places pressure on the internal organs including lungs resulting in several breathing problems.
  • Piercing in different area of the body can have some everlasting effects like it may develop many bacterial infections and an incorrect procedure can lead to spreading of infection leading the life towards risk. Heavy earrings can damage the earlobes and necklaces can cause neck pain or contractures.


Hence, it is crucial to be careful while embracing certain trends.If you will feel good, you will look good.Wear your comfy style in a healthy way throughout the day.The way we treat our bodies and how we are carrying them is what fashion ultimately stands for. Health and fashion have a quite extraordinary and promising relationship, fashion can lead to spoiling of health and an unhealthy person cannot lead fashion.

Everything in life that matters- is to live a healthier, rich and prosperous lifestyle and at last lead a happy life.

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